Exhibition Advertising is not a new phenomenon; it dates back to many centuries. Displaying products with the motive of enhancing sales gave birth to the word "Exhibition Advertising".

What is Exhibition Advertising?
Exhibition advertising is a blend of 'exhibition' and advertising', benefitting the exhibition advertiser with a double purpose. It helps a particular company to exhibit itself as well as showcase its products and services to the target audience, thus helping it grow its business.

Aim and Motive:
The motive behind displaying products is to grab the attention of the prospective buyers and then eventually resulting in their sales. Exhibition Advertising is the best way of meeting a large number of prospective customers in a short span of time. Exhibition Advertising is an important tool for companies who wish to introduce existing and new products in the market.

Advantages of Exhibition Advertising:
- The exhibitor can display a wide range of products and services.
- Buyers can source as per their choice from a wide collection.
- One can meet large number of prospective buyers in a brief duration of time.
- Massive cost-benefits for the company.
- It is a platform for both the exhibitor and the buyer to establish a network for future dealings.
- One can get an idea of the trends as well as get acquainted with the future prospects of the related market.
- A face to face interaction with the prospective customers.

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